Legg Mason Western Asset Australian Bond Fund

Actively managed core Australian fixed income exposure.

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Legg Mason Western Asset Australian Bond Fund

The Fund is designed to be an active core fixed income allocation with a mandate to provide both defensive exposure and disciplined alpha generation.


Western Asset is a globally integrated fixed-income specialist with an ability to combine global insights with local market opportunities.


The Fund has been actively managed by Western Asset since 1998 and boasts an experienced team with a strong track-record.


Current and potential risks are analysed by an independent risk management team to create a balanced and defensive fixed income portfolio.

Meet the Team

The team features deep experience across both the Global and Australian fixed income landscape. With expertise spanning global macro, sovereign bonds, supranational corporate bonds, and duration management, the team is able to adjust the portfolio to take advantage of diverse return sources.

Anthony Kirkham

Anthony Kirkham, CFA

Head of Investment/Portfolio Manager

  • 30 Years Industry Experience
  • Joined Firm in 1999
Damon Shinnick

Damon Shinnick, CFA

Portfolio Manager/ Research Analyst

  • 21 Years Industry Experience
  • Joined Firm in 2011
Craig Jendra

Craig Jendra, CFA

Portfolio Manager

  • 24 Years Industry Experience
  • Joined Firm in 1996

Philosophy & Process


Western Asset employs a value investing framework built on disciplined and rigorous analysis of prices relative to fundamental fair values.


Positions are sized based on the team’s assessment of discount to fair value in order to maximise opportunities for alpha generation.


The Fund seeks to add value across diversified return sources including: duration, yield curve, sector and security selection.

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