Legg Mason Martin Currie
Equity Income Fund

An actively managed, diversified Australian equity income Fund.

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Legg Mason Martin Currie Equity Income Fund

A multi-lensed approach to sourcing sustainable dividends for income-oriented investors.


Actively managed to select the most attractive income-producing Australian companies.


Selecting companies with both attractive business models and diversified revenue drivers creates a fundamentally diversified portfolio.


A mandate to focus on long-term earnings sustainability creates a differentiated approach to income sourcing.

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Philosophy & Process

The Fund aims to provide an after-tax income yield above the S&P/ASX 200 Index and to grow this income above the rate of inflation.


The Fund is benchmark unaware so as to provide maximum diversification benefits and avoid market-cap weighted over-exposures.


Using fundamental analysis, the investment team creates a model of each investments sustainable dividend level to determine long-term normalised earnings power.


Investment theses are peer-reviewed across valuation, direction, quality and sustainable-dividend parameters to avoid group-think and avoid biases.

Meet the Team

Martin Currie Australia’s equity income team builds upon foundation of deep industry expertise. The team prides itself on combining a focus on fundamental analysis with diligent risk management and fostering a culture of investment excellence.

Reece Birtles

Reece Birtles, CFA, CAICD

Chief Investment Office,
Tenure - 1995

Michael Slack

Michael Slack, CFA

Head of Research,
Tenure - 1993

An ESG Integrated Stewardship Approach

Martin Currie takes an active ownership approach which embeds ESG considerations within the investment process.


Identification of material and relevant ESG factors.


Full integration of proprietary assessments (Management, Governance, and Sustainability) into all investment decisions.


Promoting best practices through voting of clients’ proxies and management engagement.

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