Legg Mason Martin Currie
Real Income Fund

Generate income through investments in a diversified portfolio of Australian real assets.

Martin Currie

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Legg Mason Martin Currie Real Income Fund

An experienced team focused on crafting a portfolio of attractively valued real assets driven by population growth and urbanisation.


True to label, the Fund places income at the heart of its client-oriented, active mandate.


A portfolio crafted to harness the power of assets driven by population and urbanisation growth. Such disparate economic drivers create a fundamentally diversified portfolio.


An experienced team selects companies at both attractive valuations and high dividend yields.

Meet the Team

Martin Currie Australia’s Real Income Team builds upon a foundation of deep industry expertise. The team prides itself on combining a focus on fundamental analysis with rigorous risk management, and constant learning that facilitates a culture of investment excellence.

Daniel Fitzgerald

Ashton Reid, CFA

Portfolio Manager,
Investment experience - 28 Years,
Firm tenure - 23 Years

Andrew Chambers

Andrew Chambers, CFA

Portfolio Manager,
Investment experience - 25 Years,
Firm tenure - 8 Years

Daniel Fitzgerald

Daniel Fitzgerald, CFA

Portfolio Manager,
Investment experience - 20 Years,
Firm tenure - 8 Years

Philosophy & Process

The Fund seeks income growth that exceeds the rise in cost of living by owning securities that can grow revenue and profit for the long term.


Using fundamental analysis, the investment team creates a sustainable dividend profile for each individual security, modelling the dividend risk and potential of each investment.


The Fund invests in largely proven, established physical assets, by identifying the essential ingredients of quality real assets.


By investing in assets driven by population growth and urbanisation, the Fund seeks to craft a portfolio with revenue drivers that are uncorrelated with the business cycle.

An ESG Integrated Stewardship Approach

Martin Currie takes an active ownership approach which embeds ESG considerations within the investment process.


Identification of material and relevant ESG factors.


Full integration of proprietary assessments (Management, Governance, and Sustainability) into all investment decisions.


Promoting best practices through voting of clients’ proxies and management engagement.

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