Retirement Income Strategies
And Expectations (RISE) Survey

Navigating the Path to Retirement

Franklin Templeton’s RISE Survey explores attitudes and concerns about preparing and investing for, as well as living in, retirement. Learn what Australians are doing to build preparedness and confidence.

Many feel unprepared and anxious about retirement

Australia’s superannuation system is often held up as a model of success in the developed world. But that doesn’t mean Australians are immune from the common anxieties surrounding retirement readiness.

Retirees manage rising expenses and healthcare costs

An easy transition to a lower cost of living in retirement doesn’t seem to be playing out for most Australians. Many retirees are struggling to navigate rising expenses, with medical expenses a particular area of concern.

Investing for retirement – do you know the right strategies to achieve your retirement goals?

Financial preparedness is the gateway to retirement freedom, yet 85% of respondents surveyed stated they didn’t have a written retirement income plan.

The importance of having a retirement plan

When it comes to preparing for retirement, there are two clear actions that help put people on the path to success. Working with a financial adviser and having a written retirement income plan are tied to greater confidence in generating income in retirement.


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Australian Retirement Realities

This infographic provides a snapshot of the state of retirement in Australia today.

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About the survey

The Franklin Templeton Retirement Income Strategies and Expectations (RISE) survey – Australia was conducted online among a sample of 2,004 adults comprising 983 men and 1,021 women 18 years of age or older. The survey was administered between 1 and 7 May, 2019, by Engine’s Online CARAVAN®, which is not affiliated with Franklin Templeton Investments. Data is weighted to gender, age and geographic region. The custom-designed weighting program assigns a weighting factor to the data based on current population statistics.