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Franklin Templeton Investments Australia Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Franklin Resources Inc. [NYSE:BEN], one of the world’s largest asset management groups with more than A$922.4bn in assets under management on behalf of investors in over 170 countries worldwide*.

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RISE - Retirement Survey Results

Gain insight into how Australians are navigating the path to retirement.

Franklin Australian Absolute Return: Designed to Deliver in All Market Cycles

Franklin Australian Absolute Return Bond Fund is designed to deliver defensive, stable returns to investors.

Reach For Better™- Partners in Pursuit of Your Investment Goals

For over 70 years we have partnered with investors in pursuit of their investment goals.

Beyond Bulls and Bears Blog

Beyond Bulls and Bears shares on-the-ground, long-term perspectives of investment professionals adept at navigating the increasingly complex world of global investing.


Cybersecurity: Trade-Offs in Technology

The cyber threat matrix accelerates as it gathers sophistication.

Quantitative Science – Actively Adding To Fixed Income Decisions

Quantitative vs. active debate? This Fixed Income Markets explains how our “active quant” approach sets us apart.

The Four Pillars to Face a World of Uncertainty

Digging into the Global Macro Views in the current outlook

An Update on Our ESG Scores

Balancing E, S and G to understand Global Macro Views

Staying Nimble Amid an Uncertain Outlook

Our CIOs’ Global Investment Outlook highlights what shocks could affect the market and where they see opportunities.

Digital Innovations – Pinpointing Fixed Income Credit Risks

Distinguishing which risks are more likely to pay in Fixed Income Markets versus those that probably won’t.

The Fed Calls Time for a Reality Check

Unreasonable expectations? Sonal Desai, our Fixed Income CIO, believes Powell took a reasonable first step to rein in market expectations.

Why European Fixed Income Can Still Have Value

We believe that with the combination of an expected ECB rate cut in September and a positively shaped yield curve, European bonds could still remain attractive in global terms.

End-of Cycle Management

As the US economic cycle continues to age, many are starting to question when-and how-it will end. Our Head of Equities Stephen Dover weighs in.



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