Franklin Real Asset Advisors

Franklin Real Asset Advisors has been investing globally since 1984 and counts among its clients leading institutions and retail investors from around the world. The team strives to provide investors with an efficient alternative for investing globally in private real estate funds, private infrastructure and real resources funds and listed real estate securities.

As investors in both private as well as public markets, Franklin Real Asset Advisors draws on a comprehensive perspective of global capital flows, investor behaviour, and sector trends across markets and regions. Each of the world's three major investment regions—the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific—is covered by professionals with experience in the local market, providing cultural perspective and specialised asset class knowledge. Franklin Templeton's worldwide presence provides the private real estate, private infrastructure and real resources, and listed real estate securities investment teams with local support in several areas including legal, tax, compliance, accounting and client service.

Franklin Real Asset Advisors Snapshot:




Multi-sector, multi-region


  • Global Private Real Estate
  • Global Listed Real Estate Securities
  • Global Listed Infrastructure and Real Resources


  • Experienced and multinational team of investment professionals
  • Skillful sourcing and selection capabilities across markets drive search for superior risk-adjusted returns
  • Emphasis on risk management, seek downside protection
  • Focus on global private real estate, infrastructure and real resources investments for institutional investors