K2 Advisors

K2 Advisors was founded in 1994 to focus solely on hedge fund investing. K2’s investment philosophy is based on measuring, monitoring, and managing risk while seeking to generate returns independent of economic conditions.

Hedge strategy managers are rigorously vetted prior to inclusion in portfolios. By requiring line of sight into portfolio holdings of its strategy managers, K2 has set new standards for transparency, liquidity, and control in the hedge fund industry. Proprietary analysis and risk-modeling tools blend the art and science of manager research with asset allocation.

K2 Advisors Snapshot:




Multi and Single-Strategy Hedge Fund Portfolios


  • Commingled Products
  • K2 Custom Solutions
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Liquid Alternatives


  • Consistent Growth Over Time
  • Pioneer in Risk Transparency
  • Experienced Team with Advanced Technology
  • Rigorous Manager Due Diligence
  • Client Centric Culture