How to Invest

We Believe in the Value of Financial Advice

Our managed funds are sold through financial advisers and platforms because we believe investors can benefit from ongoing professional advice. A financial adviser can prove invaluable in helping you define your needs and narrowing the search for investments suitable to your unique financial objectives.

A Financial Adviser provides the following services:

  • Determine your financial goals and risk tolerance to develop an asset allocation plan that is designed to meet those goals
  • Provide guidance and expertise on tax, retirement and investment planning
  • Assess the potential risks and rewards of various investment options
  • Monitor and manage your investments over time and recommend timely adjustments to your portfolio to keep your asset allocation plan on target
  • Provide market knowledge and planning expertise
  • Offer objectivity, support and guidance during periods of market volatility

How can I invest?

If you would like to invest in a Franklin Templeton fund, the Funds are available through a number of Master Trust or Wrap Accounts in Australia, commonly referred to as Investor Directed Portfolio Services (IDPS).

If you would like to invest using an IDPS, we recommend you employ the services of a financial adviser.

Your financial adviser may need to contact the organisations offering our products on your behalf.

Find an Adviser

If you would like to find a financial adviser near you, please visit the Financial Planning Association of Australia’s website (FPA) where you can search for an adviser in your area.

Search for an adviser in your area

Wholesale Investing

Alternatively, you can invest directly through Franklin Templeton's wholesale funds. The minimum initial investment is $25,000. The minimum additional investment is $5,000.

To view our Product Disclosure Statements and Application Forms for our complete fund list, please click here.

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